How to Brainstorm a Creative Concept for Your Marketing Campaigns

Developing creative concepts is an important part of the advertising and branding process. A good creative short will assist in bringing together creative and technical information to aid in the creative process. It must be a primary source of inspiration for other creative concepts. Importantly, the creative, short is a useful tool for collaboration; the […]

How to Use Promo Codes for Events Success

Many a times, event organizers offer reduced registration rate to special guests, such as VIPs, event sponsors, and a specific group of attendees. However, for online registration, offering such convenience becomes extremely difficult. To streamline this process of providing discounts in case of online event registration, the organizers use promo codes. These are codes given […]

Is Kratom Legal?

For now, it depends on where you live. Several cities (including Denver, where even cannabis is legal) and six states (Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin) have either seriously restricted the use of kratom or banned it outright. Anyone caught selling or using the substance in those states could face arrest or fines and […]